Frequently Answered Questions

Why using sharps containers?

Sharps containers are a fundamental safety product for medical and veterinary staff members, which use dangerous and potentially infectious tools such as needles, syringes and scalpels. Incorrect disposal and improper use of these tools is the cause of most of the accidents that occur in the hospital sector, often with serious consequences.
The high quality and ease of use of APmedical products reduce the risks associated with the use of medical instruments in operating rooms and all connected environments.

Why are there round and square containers?

Operating for years in all the major markets of the world, APmedical has developed the most complete range in the sector. Different shapes and closing systems allow us to satisfy the most disparate requests, providing our partners with the best and most varied options. A single feature connects all the items in our range: the very high production and use quality.

Why do the containers have a temporary and a permanent closure?
The two-level locking system is essential to allow a safe use of the container. The temporary closure grants safety during daily use, while the permanent closure allows the container to be disposed of without the risk of leaks or unexpected openings during transport.
What is the double lid for? Why is there glue?
The APmedical Waste containers are equipped with a double lid (DUO). The hole in the middle of the lid (equipped with a temporary closure and therefore it may be reopened temporarily during use) allows a limited dispersion of odors and gases resulting from the disposal of particularly dangerous and toxic waste such as cytostatic and cytotoxic, resulting from chemotherapy treatments. The DUO lid and the single lid (MONO) are equipped with a special perimeter glue that avoid leakages of liquid waste from the inside of the container, in accordance with the A.D.R. prescriptions.
Why all these certifications? What kind of tests are performed on the containers? Is quality really that important?
The APmedical product range complies with all the major and most restrictive certifications in the field of hospital waste containers. APmedical products pass the most varied tests, such as:

– Drop test
– Perforation test
– Liquid tightness test

These tests are necessary to ensure the perfect sturdiness and resistance of the containers to the most common shocks during their average use and transport; the refined production process and the quality of the materials are essential elements to allow users to operate in complete safety.

Why are the containers yellow? Are there any other colours?
Yellow is considered the standard colour for containers of hospital hazardous waste, with the addition of the red lid (which signals danger) in the needle containers. The colouring of a container for medical waste is established by specific legislation, which obviously can vary among the different countries in which APmedical is present and operates. For this reason, a high degree of flexibility is required in the colouring of the bodies and lids of our containers, so that they always comply with the regulations and follow all market needs.
What must be written on the label?

The labelling is a fundamental element of the container, as it contains all the main information for use. APmedical is able to provide customized labels in different languages, respecting the mandatory information: UN code, filling level, biohazard symbol, container capacity. The label is pad printed on the container during moulding, ensuring precision in positioning and hygiene during use.