APmedical makes a wide range of containers for the disposal of special hospital waste. With more than 40 years of experience in the plastic injection moulding industry, the company is one of Europe’s leaders in the sector. A high competitive production, a wide product range, customized service, top quality materials and numerous product certifications are just some of APmedical’s strong points.


The two main lines of products offered by APmedical are WASTE containers and SHARPS containers. These lines are specifically designed to ensure safe and efficient management of hospital waste, providing reliable solutions for healthcare professionals.

Sharps Containers

Waste Containers

Certified and eco-friendly company

APmedical products are subjected to strict quality certifications, guaranteeing compliance with the strictest international regulations in terms of safety. Made with high quality plastic materials, such as copolymer polypropylene colored with cadmium-free pigments or other heavy materials, APmedical containers offer resistance to fluids and solvents. Furthermore, they allow disposal through incineration without the emission of harmful gases, respecting international environmental regulations.

The APmedical Sharps Containers line, dedicated to the collection of needles and sharps waste, is designed to resist puncture by needles and cannulas, which represents the main source of accidents for hospital staff. The Waste Containers line, on the other hand, offers containers for hazardous hospital waste. These containers are equipped with a special perimeter glue which guarantees an airtight seal, preventing any risk of infection.

APmedical containers are extremely robust and solid, able to withstand shocks and the most adverse conditions of transport to landfills or incineration plants. They are also tested to withstand different temperatures of use, ensuring their reliability in every situation.